55th Reunion Planning Version 1.0

55th BHS REUNION PLANNING for 2026  version 1.0

I know it is 2023 & the reunion is still years away ... but we are beginning to start the long process. 

The biggest need we have is to locate missing classmates!  Only about 32% of our fellow 71'ers have joined the website - bellaire71.com and logged in. That website is the primary tool we are using to update & keep classmates up-to-date.  If you could go to the "Missing Classmates" tab on the website (top right on web site), put on your sleuthing cap and try to find some fellow classmates, that would be a tremendous help.  If you are successful in finding folks: 1) have them go to the website bellaire71.com, find their name under "Missing Classmates" and sign in; and 2) let us know who you found and their email address. Simple!

The other large task is figuring out what we want to do in 2026.  That is where the following survey comes in.  Please give us your input, so we can plan the reunion you want!  Whether you attended the 50th or did not attend, we need your input for the 55th!  Hopefully no life changing events will happen between now & then.  Thanks!


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1)   At our 50th, there was: (1) Friday Night at the Cadillac Bar/Grill, (2) Saturday night Big event at Westin Galleria Hotel and (3) Sunday brunch at Jax Grill for a total of 3 events in 3 days. (We also did a tour of the BHS campus on Saturday day) The thought was some may have a conflict with 1 night but not both and some folks might like to attend all 3. How many days for our 55th?

  1 night
  2 nights
  3 nights
2)   Our 50th was held on a Friday, Saturday & Sunday - October 15, 16, & 17. Mid October 2026 would be October 16, 17 & 18th. Is that date sound ok? or do you suggest a different date?

  Mid-October - 16,17& 18th sounds OK
  Another date would be better ... (tell us the date!)
3)   OK - we have the number of days & When ... now, we need What! What should we do? Quick background - the Friday event at Cadillac cost $3,000 & tickets were $35 a person for food & a drink. Saturday at the Westin cost $20,000 & tickets were $100 a person for food, drink, DJ, photo-booth, flowers, lighting, etc. Similar plan for 55th or different? Suggestions? Check all you wish & write mo

  Friday - casual like Cadillac
  Saturday - like Westin Galleria (we will NOT be going back to Galleria)
  Sunday brunch like Jax
  A tour of the (then) 5 year old BHS campus
  Bowling at Palace Bowling on Bellaire
  other ideas
  more ideas
4)   In connection with the question above, do you or yours (kids, grandkids, great grandkids, ex's, etc.) have any connections to any venues that we could use?

  Yes ... I have connections (please elaborate)
  No, sorry no connections
5)   One of our biggest challenges is not being able to find our fellow classmates! Would you be willing to help us locate your fellow 71'ers? Maybe try finding 10 people? You can pick your fellow homeroom buds, or folks in your drama club, or any other sub-group you can think of!

  Sure, I'm happy to help you find 10 classmates
  Nope, can't help you
6)   Last question - (for now) - Would you like to be on the Reunion Committee to help plan the 55th? You do not have to be in Houston, just the desire & ability to help out. If yes, just check below & we will get back to you.

  Yes - happy to help
  No - sorry, can't help you with that