How was the 50th reunion? Suggestions?

The 50th BHS reunion is over!

How did you like it?  Could it be better?  If yes, how?  Please leave us your suggestions and recommendations.  If it couldn't be improved, let us know that too,  Even if you did not attend, there are questions for you.

Thanks for your help!

Jim Weston & The Reunion Committee

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1)   * Did you attend the Friday Meet & Greet at Cadillac Bar & Grill?

Yes No
2)   * Did you attend the Saturday Big Event at the Westin Oaks?

Yes No
3)   How would you improve either or both the Friday or Saturday event?

How were the venues? The food? The atmosphere? The hours? Music? Dancing? Photo Booth? Photos? Let us know ANYTHING you feel that could be improved. If perfect, we are happy to know that too!
4)   Was the time of year would be good for you? Do you suggest another time of year, other than mid-October?

5)   This year, we had the Meet & Greet event on Friday and the Big Event on Saturday. For the next reunion, if we do another one, should we do 2 days or just 1? 3 days? Suggestions?

  1 day is plenty
  2 days is good
6)   When should we have the next reunion? (Remember, we are getting older!)

  In 10 years - 2031
  in 5 years - 2026
7)   If you did not attend one or both events, would you tell us why not? What could we do, to get you to the next reunion?

  Too expensive.
  Wrong time of year
  Covid / travel restrictions
  No interest is seeing old classmates
  Nothing you could do to get me to a reunion
  Personal reasons
8)   Would you be interested in being involved in the next Reunion Committee (whenever that will be)? You do NOT have to be located in Houston to participate.