Survey: Considering / Planning to attend?

To help us make projections and plans, it would help us to know your thinking.

Please take a few minutes & let us know what you are thinking.  Thank you!

We understand, of course, the current uncertainties regarding COVID-19, travel, etc., and no one knows what "normal" will be next week, next month, or in October.  But strides are being made - in many spots, folks "our age" are being vaccinated already, and many more will be in the next few months.  So please give us your thoughts and your plans.

Your classmates CAN NOT see your answers  - but they can read them anoymously on the results page ... your name will NOT be associated with any responses .. so be honest.

Thank you!

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1)   * Most classmates are probably in 1 of 3 camps - 1) Definitely plan to attend 2) Might attend / considering going or 3) Definitely will not attend Please tell us what camp you are in.

  Definitely plan to attend
  Might attend / considering going
  Definitely will not attend
2)   If you answered that you 'Definitely will not attend' - can you please tell us why? Is there anything we can do to change your mind? (please see question 5 also)

3)   If you answered that you 'Might attend / considering going' - can you tell us what will sway you from a maybe to a yes?

4)   If you answered that you 'Definitely Plan to Attend' .. you obviously are a wise and enlightened person! Can you tell us why you plan to attend? (please see question 6 also)

  It would be great to see my classmates again!
  I want my classmates to see how great I look / my success / etc.
  I didn't have plans on October 15 & 16th, 2021, so why not?

Check as many as are appropriate
5)   If you can not attend, for any reason, would you be interested in watching and/or participating in the Saturday night event "virtually" via a 'Zoom' type interface, a live-stream web-cam or similar?

  Yes, that sounds great!
  Maybe, that sounds interesting.
  No, thank you.
6)   If you are planning to attend, have you purchased your tickets yet?

  Yes, I have purchased my tickets already. (Thank you!)
  No, I haven't purchased my tickets yet.
  If No, when do you plan to?

(Please be aware that several generous classmates have funded a Scholarship fund for anyone that needs a little help regarding the tickets - just send us a confidential email, explaining your circumstances & we will take it from there)
7)   Any comments? Suggestions? Thank you!