Survey: Friday Night Location?

We currently have 2 options, maybe 3 options, for the Friday Night Meet & Greet

Which do you prefer?

1) Westin Oaks Galleria - 5011 Westheimer - the site of our Saturday night BIG event - we would be at 1st floor lobby bar.  Very little noise (other than what we create) - would have 'bar' type snack food.  Parking is free for self-service.  Very convienent for folks staying at hotel. 

2) Little Woodrow's Shepherd - 720 Shepherd (about 15 minutes / 6 miles from Westin Oaks). They are billed as your "Local Watering Hole" and have several locations in Houston and over Texas. Will have background music and the regular 'bar scene'.  Prices for alcohol will be lower than at Westin Oaks. Would have 'bar' type snack food. Parking is free. If you want to see a little bit of Houston, this gets you out of the hotel.

3) IF we get at least 140 or more folks to attend the Friday Meet & Greet, we could go to Cadillac Bar & Grill  - 1802 Shepherd Dr at I-10 – and the Cadillac is still available, we can go here.  We would have snacks, a cash bar & meet & mingle. Parking is free. If you want to see a little bit of Houston, this gets you out of the hotel.

So let us know your preference!  Thank you.

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1)   For our Friday Meet & Greet, on October 15, 2021, I prefer:

  Westin Oaks Galleria
  Little Woodrow's on Shepherd
  Cadillac Bar & Grill, if we can get 140 or more folks, & Cadillac is available then
  I don't really care .. any place you pick works for me

Pick your favorite spot - (Cadillac Bar & Grill is only available if we get 140 or more folks .. so if Cadillac is #1 for you, write out your 2nd choice in case we don't hit 140, or if Cadillac is not available)
2)   Any comments or suggestions?