Survey: What Music Do You Want at the Reunion?

The committee is leaning toward just having a DJ spinning oldies but goodies and not having a live band... or possible a playlist on a USB or thumb drive.

We are thinking that (1) we don't want the music so loud that it makes it hard for us to chat & catch-up and (2) we like the oldies music!


But we would like your input?  Do you lean toward a DJ, live-music, a USB or do you just lean?  

We will have a dance floor.. so we will probably turn up the music at times! ... just not all the time.

If you want to go in the direction of a DJ or the USB route.. give us some song titles you want ... the more speciific the better!!  We can put together a playlist with your input!


Thanks for your help and input!

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1)   What format of music would you like?

  Live Band
  USB with a playlist on it
2)   What songs would you like to hear at the reunion?

3)   Any other songs or groups?

4)   Any comments or suggestions?