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Barney Oldfield
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Current Occupation and prior Occupation(s) Property Investor + Manager - Licensed Colorado Realtor, GRI
Yes! Attending Reunion
Where have you lived in the past 50 years? Favorite places that you have traveled to?

Houston Texas - Birth through April 1974
Aspen, Colorado - July 1974 until July 31, 2012
Glenwood Springs, Colorado - August 1, 2012 to Present

Hitch-hiked on extended U. S. road trips providing fun, excitement & entertainment during the early to mid-1970's.
Then globally traveled mainly to destination and unique beach resorts throughout the USA, and on through Mexico, Bali Indonesia, Thailand, Cuba, Costa Rica; including a 1980's Kailua-Kona, Hawaii second home purchase. Other past traveled destinations: Hong Kong, Europe, and other far-away lands -

What would we be surprised to know about you?

After moving to Aspen Colorado at age 21, and 5 years after becoming the U. S. Gulf Coast Trampoline Champion, I entered the pioneering sport of Freestyle Snow Skiing, and excelled competitively to top 30 in the World in the Inverted Aerials discipline.

School Story

Oh, soooo Many . . . !

What do you like to do in your spare time?

*Relaxing Leisure Time:

Lap-Swimming with water resistant exercises at the World's Largest Outdoor Hot Springs facility keeps one healthy and capable of reaching into Centurion ages !

Remaining sedentary remains somewhat elusive as My advancing senior years continue. I find staying busy with an active mind-set is also extremely beneficial.

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This is my only source of PH-B contact since Your Landline is no more, and my emails to Your go unanswered.