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10/15/21 11:11 PM #7    

Peggy King (Moore)

I purchased tickets for my husband and I to attend Saturday night. Our plans have changed. We have lost two young people this week with Covid. One was a girl who grew up with our kids. Her funeral is on the day of the reunion. We had a dinner tonight for some of the family members. Tomorrow is the funeral and we will be there. So to all my fellow classmates, have a wonderful time‼️‼️ Please get vaccinated and protect yourself and your loved ones and those around you‼️‼️

10/16/21 09:09 AM #8    


Barbara Driskell (Siems)

at the meet and greet, i just want to thank the ones who put this together you all did a great job and i enjoyed it, was nice to see everyone it look like about 50 or more were there.. great turn out.. luv ya all Barbara (Driskell) Siems 

10/17/21 02:40 PM #9    

Christina Melis (Buchanan)

Thank you for a wonderful party on Saturday night.  Very well planned and executed.  I know the committee spent a lot of time and care putting it together.  I wanted you to know, it is appreciated! 

10/17/21 09:08 PM #10    


Kim Hopkins (Montag)

I want to thank Jim and the committee who put this wonderful reunion together.  It was not easy with all the health issues but you guys pulled it off.  Thank you so much for all the time you put into these events.  You guys are the best.  Kim

10/18/21 09:41 AM #11    


Luis Beauchamp

Great weekend...Jim you and your team did a great job !!

10/18/21 11:44 AM #12    


Henry Anawaty

Jim and all, One of the best ever. everything was perfect.

Great venues, food and drink and a real good turnout.

Always impressed with Bellaire Grads. 

I can't thank you enough. 

Till next time, 

Hank Anawaty 

10/18/21 12:22 PM #13    


Reese Mathieu

Martha and I want to thank the planning committee for their hard work in making this reunion special. Everything was so well planned and carried out. We had a great time!

If you came up short for funding of the events, we feel sure many would be willing to help make up for any shortfall. You just need to get the word out. Again, many thanks!

Reese Mathieu

10/18/21 01:16 PM #14    


Linda Sue Freedman (Block)

So sory I wasn't able to join everyone. I wasn't comfortable to attend because of COVID. Thank you to Jim and everyone who worked on the reunion.

Linda Freedman Block

10/18/21 02:53 PM #15    


Esta Lynn Kronberg

Thank you for all your hard work.  Still very concerned about Covid. There are many break through cases happening .I know it was a lot of work...maybe another one when covid is really over. Being a physician  maybe i am more aware and concerned about covid. Being vaccinated isnt complete protection.

10/18/21 06:02 PM #16    


Daniel Fults

Many thanks to Jim Weston and the organizing committee for making the BHS71 50th reunion possible.  It was a moving experience for me.  

Dan Fults 

10/19/21 12:52 PM #17    


Susan Borden (Hennessy)

What a great event!  And I'm finding people that were there that I didn't see.  indecision  Thanks for all the hard work - it really showed!

10/20/21 02:29 PM #18    

Melissa Helm

The Saturday night event was great!  Enjoyed the food.  A Salad or Salad Bar would be a great addition.  The music was good but would have enjoyed more of it.  Photographer was great. The committee members and helpers did an outstanding job! I would love a 55th or 60th reunion!  Missed those who couldn't make it.

oh, and the hotel was nice but one easier accessible would be appreciated. 

thank you again, Melissa Helm


10/21/21 04:46 PM #19    

John Kuntz

Although I did not make the event this year, I know everyone on the committee devoted much personal time, effort and enthusiam to make the 50th Reunion occur. Having the website will hopefully make any future gathering a bit easier. My thanks for undertaking such a commitment. Will enjoy seeing any photos that are uploaded.

10/22/21 02:34 PM #20    


David B. Brooks

Who are those guys?!

10/25/21 03:40 AM #21    

Felix Barber

Thanks for all the photos Jim. Looks like you enjoyed a great time. I am just really sorry I could not make it. I had planned to for a long time but the Covid travel restrictions from Europe to USA were just too onerous. Best, Felix Barber

10/26/21 10:51 AM #22    


Cindy Freedman

So sorry to have missed the reunion. Covid safety issues prevented travelling to Houston. I hope we try again in 5 years. Wishing us all good health until then and always.

10/27/21 01:11 PM #23    


Jo Lyn Summer (Kallison)

I am so sorry to have missed the reunion.  I was not comfortable attending because of Covid.  I would have enjoyed seeing everyone!   Thanks so much to the committee for all your hard work.  

10/27/21 03:59 PM #24    


Genie Bird (Naff)

I'm so sorry that I wasn't able to attend the reunion.  Health issues have caused me to be very careful about going into large groups of people.  I hope I will be able to attend the next one.  I know the planning committee put in a lot of time and hard work.  I have enjoyed seeing the pictures of everyone!

10/28/21 05:53 AM #25    


Edward Gardner

I want to thank Jim and the committee for their hard work in putting the reunion together. Due to Covid 19 didn't attend. Look forward to being at the next reunion. 

10/28/21 08:16 AM #26    

Richard Kent Gaudette

I couldn't attend due to COVID but hope to make the next one. Thanks to the Reunion committee for setting it all up and especially posting the photos of the event. At least some of us could attend vicariously.



11/05/21 11:00 AM #27    

Melvin (Bo) Charles Brackendorff

Sorry for the delayed follow-up but thanks so much to Jim and crew for a very well done 50th Reunion!

It was great seeing so many "old" but young at heart friends, many of which I had not seen in a very long time.  Reese and Martha have not aged (unfair!).  And Hank, you still look great.  My old buddy Brian Cloyes hasn't aged much either.  

C'mon Cheerleaders for our next Reunion!  The Birdkeepers showed up in force but I was the only cheerleader.  We should do better!  Especially has been too long.  

Stay healthy and see y'all at our 60th!

08/18/23 10:57 AM #28    


Edward Gardner

Hi everyone, cute movie on pay for view -  Furry - website for film, shows the trailer.  Family has twins, they go out to play with their dog. The dog jumps through a rainbow and starts sheding money (wish I had a dog like that). Family goes crazy buying stuff.  Nosy neighbor kid, he finds out and tells his dad.  They still the dog and the kids ban together to get the dog back.  Great lesson that family is important and just because you want something, you don't always need it. Showed my grandkids and they loved the movie. Been approved by and Rated a 99 on Rotten Tomatoe.  

11/09/23 06:39 AM #29    


Edward Gardner

Sunday December 3, 2023 I will be holding my 40th annual clothing toy and food drive benefiting the Star of Hope. It will be held 7 am to 6 pm at the ERJCC 5601 South Braeswood. Thanks in advance to Bellaire ROTC and Bellaire Baseball for the students volunteering to help collect items. My goal this year is to help over 15,000. In past, we have helped approximatley 383,000.  Hope to see you there.  Still looking for volunteers from  2 pm to 6 pm.  Ed Gardner 

11/10/23 07:19 AM #30    


Esta Lynn Kronberg

Great timing. .We are cleaning out storage units  and have a lot to donate. Lots of toys and clothes. How do we get it to you.  Esta 

11/13/23 05:35 AM #31    


Edward Gardner

Hello, we will be collecting at the ERJCC on Sunday December 3, 2023 from 7 am to 6 pm. There will be a trailer in the parking lot that you can bring the items. Thanks for your support.  

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